Easy Way to Recover Formatted MacBook

Data loss from your MacBook may happen someday. Who knows that someday you accidentally delete or format the hard drive of your MacBook. Maybe it could be the worst nightmare of your life because you lose important documents and data such as photos and videos of your memories. However, you do not need to worry if it does occur. Because we have a surprise for you. What’s the surprise? It is a tool to recover formatted MacBook where you can easily to recover all lost data within your MacBook hard drive. Your nightmarenow becomes a sweet dream for your concerns about your lost data has gone away.

Software to Recover Formatted MacBook

Do Your Data Recovery Pro for Mac is one of the most effective software to recover formatted MacBook where you can get all your files back without effort. In order to recover formatted MacBook, you can use this program with ease. You do not need to learn with the expert to be able to get your data back using our tool. Just simply download the program or software, and then run it. If you feel confused how to use it, you can follow the steps below.

Steps to Recover Formatted MacBook

Before performing the recovery, you have to download the program “Do Your Data Recovery Pro for Mac” here. After downloading, you can just simply run the program and you will get to the homepage of the software. Now, it is time to recover by following these steps.

Step 1: Select the File Type showed in the window, in this case you can select one type or just simply click “Select All Types”. In order to recover formatted MacBook, you can choose two ways which are “quick recover” and “advanced recovery”. Just simply choose one of them, then click “Next”.


Step 2: Partition selection is on the next window. Here, you can choose your MacBook hard drive that is going to be recovered. Then, just simply click “Scan”

Step 3: The next window, you will go to the previews of the documents, pictures, and videos that are formatted from your MacBook. Just select several files or you can also select all the files. After that, you can just simply click “Recover”. Finally, your important data is getting back.


  • You are recommended to do recovery formatted MacBook as soon as possible.
  • Don’t put some new files inside the hard drive that are going to be recovered to avoid failure when performing recovery.
  • Perform Advance Recovery if you think Quick Recover does not seem so effective to recovery your files, but it may take a longer time.

In conclusion, how to recover formatted MacBook is actually very easy and you can just follow the steps above. However, instead of recovering a MacBook, you can also perform a recovery for your other PC that has different OS such as Windows PC and you can also recovery your external Hard drive, flash disk, MMC card, Micro SD, and etc.

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