Restaurants Using Digital Signage: Is It Right For You

Quite often you will see that restaurant owners are a little shy when it comes to using digital signage. The major reason for this is the cost incurred in installing the system. However, it has normally been seen that in the long run, it proves to be a more economical option. Apart from costs, digital signage can also add plenty of value to your restaurant. For example, since digital displays can be controlled remotely, you can update your content any time that you need to.

Problems with static signage 

There are lots of problems with static signs. For starters, you have to print a new menu every time you want to make a change. Then you need to ship it and install it. If you account for the costs incurred in these areas, they could be far more than what you would be spending for installing a digital display screen. In case, you are given to changing your menus frequently then digital display can be the best option that you have. Most present-day restaurants face this issue. As per the latest rules and regulations of Food and Drug Administration, you need to show nutritional information of your menu to the patrons. So, just think of all the expense that doing so traditionally will entail! This is where digital signage will save you a lot of money.


Benefits of using digital signage 

There are so many benefits of using digital signage especially if you are a restaurant owner. The first and perhaps the most important benefit of this medium is that it enables you to build a fantastic relationship with your customers by virtue of its engaging and interactive images. When your customers are waiting in a queue then it is flashy content that will keep them hooked on.

You can actually use this moment in order to display products that you would want to perform better in terms of sales and who knows that the customer in waiting could actually order one such dish. You can also introduce your new products in this period. When you look at traditional static signage you just do not get this level of flexibility and engagement. When you are using digital signage you are in a position to use a huge array of creative designs. The options are just not there when it comes to traditional signs. For example, if your new dish looks especially mouthwatering then you can always promote it through these signs.

You can also use flickering images of fireplace and similar imagery in order to create a cozy atmosphere in your restaurant. This can actually make your customers spend more time over here. Digital signage also comes in with added features such as full-motion videos, bright colors, and animation that can help the people in a queue and thus give an impression that they are spending much less time than they actually are doing. This way, they remain happy and you can also send across important messages.

Potential for branding 

By using digital signs that are meant for commercial purposes restaurants can create logos and other imagery that have the best-possible colors and the highest levels of clarity. These displays are created in such a way that they can show colors in their most accurate form and create perfect combinations of displays. They can also customize the intensity levels and points of the colors. These can store information as well, which can come in handy later on. This information is used as reference for later products, especially with regards to the color of the product.


The levels of consistency that you can attain by using this device is at par with the best corporate entities out there. When you use digital signage there is a chance that the customers will be wowed more often than before. This way, you will be able to create a brand that is always consistent and reflects your personality the best.

A few factors to be taken into account 

Before you use digital signage you should, however, take a few things into careful consideration. You should first judge – and properly so – if you need the medium or not. This is especially applicable with regards to the environment you are operating in.

In this case, you should look at the lighting situation in the area. The lighting in digital displays can be changed with respect to the quality of lighting – it could be natural or controlled. They have the necessary technology and can just change the brightness levels around to suit the nearby environment. In case of outdoor menu boards, displays with high levels of brightness can counter the effects of sunlight. The same is also applicable for window applications as well. This will make sure that customers can see the content properly.

They can see the content in direct sunlight as well. On the other hand, you will also get products that have a level of brightness that is acceptable for indoors. Their lower panels are able to reflect as well so that the screen image is not harmed in any shape or form by the ceiling lights. You may also need to decide the purpose of using this medium. Would you like to attract more footfalls, increase your visibility, cater to a targeted audience, increase awareness regarding your brand, or do anything else? The type of digital signage that you use will depend on the answer to this question.

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