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Do you have a raging idea, passion or business plan that you just cannot wait to have launched out into the market? Do you want your thoughts to be displayed creatively for the public to ogle? Undoubtedly, in today’s world this is not a far-fetched fantasy as the Internet provides wonders for turning your abstract view into reality. Building your own website can give you access to a huge customer base or fan following that you can then use to grow and network your idea further. Different website platforms exist these days that offer you this invaluable service as per your needs. Some of the common providers are known as:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Magneto


Incontrovertibly, this has become by far the most renowned website platform today. Its competitive edge lies in its exclusive user-friendly features that enable even a layman to create a designer website.  Clients can also choose between paid and non-paid plans so an initial investment is not really mandatory. The content management system there is very straightforward and customers are given many options to customize their work at each step. So for anyone thinking to start their online platform, WordPress would be a great booster.


Although not as popular as WordPress, this platform is by far the most simple to use in market. You don’t need to master down the language of coding to crack the design here; it works on the WISYWIG interface (you get what you see). You can easily maneuver through the detailed template to decide the visual appearance and appeal factor for your site. Like they say, your eyes (rather than your programming language) play a substantial role here.



Weebly is also a common name heard across the website domain. It also supports a simple web interface that allows users to simply drag and drop their desired videos, pictures, charts, text into their website in the chosen places. There is a plethora of templates to choose from; yet, it’s also possible to customize a given template into your own unique taste. This blend of availability yet flexibility to customize makes Weebly soar among the top listed providers.


This platform hosts its niche in ecommerce. Its main aim is to help users sell their products online in an efficient manner. However, coding is required here. Users can mix and match their customized codes in this open-source platform, avoiding the need to use a standardized plug set. Like WordPress and Wix, there are options to choose both free and paid services. However, the largest competitive advantage for Magneto lies in its specialization in the ecommerce field, as this is a rising trend for companies in numerous industries. Sole proprietors, SMEs, and MNCs, all need an easy-going platform that can get their business across larger markets. They have plenty of in-house professional coders to input the technical details across; they just need an open-source that will allow them to do this.

In short, there are hundreds of providers today that provide you the platform to create your own website in a jiffy. However, they each have their unique characteristics that you must take into account when choosing one for your work.

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Tracy Stacy aids you in giving your creativity a shape through web design platforms. He also educates you about different website platforms and their concerned expertise before you choose one for your purpose.

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