Content Marketing Targeting a Niche Audience

Search engine reputation management services are something people are beginning to need more of over the past few years. Businesses and people alike are vulnerable to any kind of attack by the public if they are not very active online. This can be potentially damaging to their reputation and hurt their bottom-line.

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Content writing I just one way you can help optimize your content to make sure they stay on the first result page and prevent other ones with less links to overcome them. It is a good first step writing these articles but getting people to read, engage and share them is another story. Focus on writing articles for specific target audiences so they can relate to the text more compared to one where you wrote one for the general public. Also, write something that offers something new to readers. Maybe a new point of view or a new technique to get something done can be some ideas.

Telling stories that are not written yet can be a good place to start. Think about things that bug you are make you laugh and start from there. There may be other people who think and feel the same way as you. Even if you think your expertise is in a certain topic, you can expand your audience and write for people who need more information of something you are good at. Just be careful how you word the article since they need to understand the terminology.

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Most of the time, the thing preventing us to write is a lack of ideas. To get you going, a good place to start is writing broad and narrowing it down from there. That drilling down process will help you drill down to come up with a niche. But just finding that broad topic can be a challenge. You can start out by measuring a large number of possible subjects through curating. If you stubble upon a video about running shoes, you can write about the importance of taking great shots to appeal to your audience. Search engine reputation management allows you to be in control of what people read and find about you.

If you do write to a small audience, it naturally means less shares but more long tail traffic. Think about it; there are already hundreds of thousands of great articles written about topics that people consistently like and reference to. You would need to compete with those people.

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