COM port over a Network

Even though USB standard is so popular and fast, COM ports are still widely used for many types of devices for communication with servers and computers.

Some of those devices are:

  • Modem. It is more common for older machines to use this type of connection, but some still prefer serial connection over USB;
  • Mouse. If a computer doesn’t have a PS/2 or USB port then serial port is used to connect to a mouse. Also some special types of mice connect to a serial port by default;
  • Network. This was the original purpose of COM ports – connecting computers and allowing them to exchange large files;
  • Printer. Older generations of printers and plotters use COM ports;
  • Telecommunication equipment;
  • Temperature measuring devices can connect via RS232 ports only;
  • Credit card readers, diagnostic tools, etc.

Share COM port over network

This section describes the most convenient and effective way to share and access COM ports over network. FlexiHub is the app that makes this process extremely easy and very reliable. Read on for details.

  1. You can download FlexiHub here and install it on all computers participating in connection: the one you’ll be sharing device from and any other computer that is going to access and work with device.
  2. Create your own secure FlexiHub account. This allows managing all connections and accessibility in one place and ensures the security of shared devices usage. To create an account find the ‘Sign Up’ option in the top right corner of the app and in the registration page that opens fill in the details and click ‘Create Account’.
  3. Sign in to your new FlexiHub account with your login credentials.
  4. FlexiHub will list all devices that can be shared. After you shared a device your remote computer will have access to it through FlexiHub and by just clicking the ‘Connect’ button there you’ll be able to work with remote device as if it was physically plugged in your remote machine.

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