Capturing Videos from a Computer Screen to Watch Later with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

At first, it may seem like a good idea to just save any videos that you find interesting or want to watch later – so that you can watch them offline, or even transfer them to other devices. Unfortunately, as you may have realized the option to ‘save’ videos isn’t going to be present in most cases, but there are ways to go about it nonetheless.

Arguably the easiest and fastest way to save videos that you want to watch later is by using Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record it from your screen. Part of what makes it so quick and easy is the fact that the screen capture software itself is so intuitive, and will let you set up and start recording without any hassle.

Essentially all you need to do is launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio and select ‘Record screen’ to enter its recording mode. Immediately you can set it to record the area of your screen where the video will be playing, by drawing a frame over it with your mouse cursor. Once you do the interface will appear, and you can make sure the ‘System Audio’ icon is highlighted so that it records audio from your speakers.

That is all that is required to set it up, and you can start recording at any point after that. Naturally, Movavi Screen Capture Studio has several other settings that you could configure, including setting the frame rate and sound levels, or features that will let you record keyboard and mouse actions. One feature that is definitely worth looking into is its timer or scheduler that will let you automate the recording rather than having to manually control it.

When you are done capturing the video itself, you can save it onto your hard drive to watch later. Alternatively, Movavi Screen Capture Studio will let you open the video that you recorded in its built-in editor so that you can cut and join video segments, improve the video quality, add audio tracks, insert animated transitions, include captions, and much more.

As you can see it won’t take more than a minute or two to set up and start capturing videos from your screen with Movavi Screen Capture Studio. The fact that it is that easy, coupled with the numerous other features that it provides, makes it a great tool to have if you want to save any sort of videos at all.

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