Canada Server Colocation – Difference Between Managed Hosting And Colocation

Both managed hosting and colocation services provide your organization the much necessary ability of transferring your onsite IT infrastructure to an offsite premises or totally eliminating it. In this process, the data centre carbon footprint and power usage decreases. However, which option is ultimate for your business depends on the specific requirements and workload. For this, let’s understand the meaning of colocation services and managed hosting in detail.

Managed hosting

•  The hosting provider manages everything necessary to obtain an online website presence including the hardware, software, internet connection, upgrades, backups, maintenance and more.
•  The second you sign up all you need to do is create web pages, set email boxes and obtain extra services, if necessary.
•  Basically, a server is designed to host several accounts simultaneously, where you share space and resources with other users.

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•  With advanced technology there is no need to be concerned about hardware obsolescence or latest technology upgrades because the host upgrades the servers and systems constantly.
•  The biggest advantage is not to make astronomical investments to maintain an IT infrastructure permanently. It thus frees your budget for more tactical capital investment.
• The expenditure of hiring and retaining expert IT personnel’s is very high, but managed hosting reduces this manpower cost.

Colocation facilities

•  You purchase and own the software and hardware that will be used to host your online presence.
•  You are responsible to install the paraphernalia at the colocation data centre and configure.
•  Colocation providers give you space (cabinet), power, IP addresses, uplink port and assistance (if needed) on their premises.
• Colocation provider is accountable for security and facility upkeep only, so you will be given access physically anytime to maintain your equipment.

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•  The server belongs solely to you, so power, space and bandwidth is not compromised.
•  The advantage is that you own, control and maintain your data centre in a colocation provider’s facility. This saves the capital cost of erecting your personal data centre.
•  Colocation allows scalability. With increase in business you can take advantage of obtaining more space, power and bandwidth easily.

Managed hosting vs. colocation – Which is better?

From the above analysis, you can see that colocation is more DIY kind of solution in comparison to managed hosting. Today, companies adapt a good colocation services like first and when their hardware needs to be refreshed or upgraded switch to managed hosting. The decision to select managed hosting or colocation facility depends on your business hosting needs.

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