How Can Science Be Taught Through Video Games?

We have come across many kids who are always busy playing their video games instead of doing their schoolwork and parents are constantly worried about their kids. But there is no need for the parents to cut down the video games from the child’s life completely. As per the survey conducted among a group of children and researchers, there is a huge range of scientific benefits to playing video games. According to their survey, video and computer games are good for the students as they have the potential to motivate or encourage students in learning and help the players to improve their coordination and visual skills.

Here are few points about how science can be taught through video games.

  • There are many featured science games which include quizzes, review games, virtual labs, jigsaw puzzle, and a lot more games mainly designed by the Centre for Game Science to help both teachers and parents to help their kids in learning science concepts.
  • Playing video games help in sharing the science ideas with players as the game is played in groups or teams. There are many puzzle video games related to human anatomy, structures of proteins, space-related games, gravity, that helps in building their concentration towards their studies and can learn different concepts which are not present in their regular school textbooks and notes.
  • Few video games can help lower grade students in learning the names of animals, fruits, and vegetables. A huge collection of interesting and adventurous games are available on android mobiles and in video games. These games include flashcards, visiting museums, matching animals with their babies, fruits with their shapes and colors and many interesting games. Here kids are mainly involved in learning the different names of animals, fruits, colors, shapes and other places.
  • Community simulation video games include all the real-world activities. These games are fun learning games for both lower and higher class students. Here students can be taught about different science concepts including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Moreover, there are many computer games developed for the lower and middle-grade children. Researchers are developing more video games to help higher grade school students to grasp more scientific concepts.

This was a brief introduction to learning science through video games.

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