The Best Wire Strippers in the Market

Out of the many wire strippers in the market, we carried out a research on the most effective wire stripping tool, based on the price, functionality, user friendliness and quality. This does not mean that these are the only ones. It is only a survey that was carried out so that it can guide those who want to purchase the most effective wire strippers. Here are some of the highly ranked wire strippers by most users:

Steel dragon wire strippers

This is one of the most effective wire strippers for those who are professionals, like the electricians. The reason as to why they are highly preferred is because of their high quality output of work they do. They can strip off any kinds of insulators without getting into contact with the copper wires. Due to this factor, they are quite expensive, but the quality is superb and it is a most effective wire stripper.

Copper mine manual copper wire stripper

This is also ranked as one of the best wire strippers in the market. The reason as to why it is highly ranked is because of the output of the work done. It separates the copper from its jacket within the shortest time possible. One of the distinguishing features is that it has a very thick steel frame that enables it to cut out insulators of very big thicknesses without using much energy. It is also relatively cheap as compared to other wire strippers with the same functionality and quality.

Automatic strip meisto wire stripping machine

This is the most user friendly wire stripper you can have. It does not have sophisticated features like the other strippers. It is also the most effective wire stripper because it can strip large amounts of wire at quite a short period of time. It is also versatile in that it can strip different types of wires. The price of this wire stripper is not that expensive. It is affordable. The only demerit of this wire stripper is that the blades wear out too quickly thus making the user incur maintenance cost by sharpening it so that it can be sharp and ready to use.

Copper mine tools manual stripper

This type of stripper is for professionals, thus you need to take tour time to learn how it operates. The best thing about this stripper so that you can change the blades of this stripper once it wears out. It also strips wires of different sizes and is quite economical to use.

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