Beginner’s Guide To Ad Agencies

Advertisement agencies are service providers that help you in planning, creating, designing and executing advertising of your products. They have changed the outlook of advertising world, which is undoubtedly one of the most important industries for any brand to create their name and become famous.  Ad agencies work for their clients but are an independent organization, filled with creative people and do not work under media, advertisers, suppliers, etc. There are a large number of advertising agencies los angeles and in order to meet one’s requirement, one must research well and contact various ad agencies before deciding one.

Few features of advertisement agencies are:

  • They assist their clients through taking off clients’ burden and plan and organize their adverts, ad campaigns for the brand (client).
  • They even assist in and help execute other promotional tools such a gift cards, discount offers and alike.
  • They help in creating a demand and sale of their clients’ products.
  • Through their skills, they help in seeking and retaining consumer attention, enhance brand visibility and acceptability for products and services advertised and bring business.

For starters, ad agencies are of three different types:

  1. Above The Line (ATL)

As the title suggests, these are meant for big budget firms and work for both on national and international level.

  1. Below The Line (BTL)

They do not have the kind of budget such as of ATL but they are still important in this online world. BTL agencies typically handle direct mail, regional ads, text ads, online text and banner ads, and other smaller media placements.  

  1. Through The Line (TTL)

Out of the three it is used most commonly and is a mixture of both ATL and BTL. Ideas that were once considered BTL are getting big, including campaigns on SnapChat, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Now days, everyone is taking help of such agencies to enhance their business and add some flavour to their marketing so that they can attract traffic through alluring ads. However, with all the positives there are some negatives too.

  • It is possible that these agencies might not take your project as enthusiastically as you do.
  • They might have competitors booked prior to your booking.
  • At times, it might cost you more energy and money than in house marketing. They might not get your brand’s vision and you might end up working more than you were thinking you will be free from.

In order to work on the first and third disadvantage by making sure that your vision does match with the chosen agency, you can go for a specialist ad agency. They are of four special types. They can be either ATL, BTL or TTL.

  1. Digital Advertising Agencies: Their primary focus is on digital world. They help in developing websites, apps, online campaigns, and anything else that can be considered as “digital advertising.”
  2. Healthcare Advertising Agencies: In healthcare sector, if anything is published wrong it can cause legal consequences; therefore, it has his own specialised advertisement agencies.
  3. Financial/Tech Advertising Agencies: Just like healthcare, the worlds of finance and technology can be a minefield to negotiate. These agencies have writers and art directors who know the ins and outs of these subjects.
  4. In House Advertising Agencies: We all know, these are the ones which work for one entity and are bound by the firm’s rules and regulations.
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