Nowadays the craze of mobile phones, smartphones are hanging over the kids..." />

Awesome Features of Phone Tracking App!

Nowadays the craze of mobile phones, smartphones are hanging over the kids. They are very much addicted towards the smartphones. In order to keep an eye on them in real time easily it is recommended that you should use Family Orbit GPS Tracker. This tracker will help you know where your children are with keeping the respect of their privacy at the time of day, while knowing that they are safe.

Salient Features of Phone Tracker App:

  • GPS Phone Tracker: With its help you can now easily spot your children if they go somewhere unusual without having to call or text them. The tools make it easy to monitor your child`s routine life keeping the distance they need to grow as individuals.
  • Fences Alert: The tracker will alert you immediately your child leaves a designated area. This feature is perfect for those who are new drivers unfamiliar with local roads and young children who likes to explore.
  • Location History: The tracker helps in stopping the arguments before they happen by knowing where the children were and when did they reach there. It makes adhering to boundaries simple for both children and their parents.
  • History of Wi-Fi: Internet is essential and must for daily life for all people of all ages. Makes sure that your restriction on internet access is respected by knowing where your kids jump online. Come to know the points of Wi-Fi they connect to throughout the day at school or café.
  • Tracking Anywhere: Phone Tracker app makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your children making it easier as opening a mobile app or logging in to your private control panel on your PC.

As cell phones are used by most of the children, the Family Orbit Phone Tracker App enables you to locate your child with ease as long as the phone is on and is connected to the mobile phone network.

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