Avail Avalanche of Features with Best Service Provider Ting

Are you fed up with the increase in the mobile bills? Then here is a great idle and as well solution for you in the name of try.ting.com. There is no need to get confused regarding the perfect plan for you based on your mobile usage. Right now ting is offering you almost $25 discount to those who move to ting from their other service mobiles. You can just pay for what you use and with some little taxes. From now, absolutely there is no need to worry or bother much about paying so much bill.

Advantages to select Ting:

  • Great Pricing: There is no need to pay more and one can just pay as less as $23 per device.
  • There is no need to stick to plans and one can just pay based on their usage.
  • You can have the freedom to use either messages or data or calls based on your convenience and not just because of the plan.


  • If your usage changes per month, then for sure accordingly you can either pay more or less based on that. There is no need to pay so much amount even though you are not using the device.
  • Avail Two Networks: Now there is a flexibility to have your device on different networks and still there won’t be any hassle as you are going to manage just a single account.
  • Convert to Ting: you can now convert to ting without any second thought. Because there are special offers for the newcomers. However, if you are worried that there is any sort of contact with your other service provider, then you can get credited of $25 to clear your early termination fees as well.

There is no need to worry that you are not able to track how much you spoke or used the data or the messages sent. Now there is a chance to get a notification from the ting on your time limit to speak. The same is the case even with the messages and the data used. However, if you don’t need this feature you can just speak and use however you need. So start your new journey with Ting.

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