Alleviate Stress and Elevate Work Comfort with The Monoprice Desk Mount at Primecables.Com

Your workstation is a temple. A companion throughout your working day that helps you get through the toughest of situations with full focus. Unfortunately, an uncomfortable work setup can hinder your performance and bring revenues down by a huge margin. Ergonomics is the study of the effect product design in the workplace to maximise productivity while reducing discomfort. Ignoring ergonomic balance can lead to discomfort and ailments such as reduced blood flow, fatigue, spinal complications and muscle cramps.

This must be taken seriously by employers and employees alive while making decisions regarding office set up. In an attempt to remobilize and rejuvenate the workforce, companies have taken a step forward to install desk mounts to increase flexibility during work hours. Primecables offers such desk mounts at affordable prices and with unique and productive designs. Monoprice desk mounts at alleviate your worries and keep you safe from an unnecessary illness that hinders your body. Keep your employees efficient and healthy with Primecables’ innovative product.

Why should you choose the monoprice desk mount at

Manage your workload with ease and get used to comfort while you streamline your tasks with ease and reach deadlines successfully without hindrance. Each Primecable desk mount arm can hold 10 to 30-inch displays with a maximum weight of up to 22 lbs. Positioning the wall mount behind your desk frees up space for you to work clutter free while looking professional yet trendy.

The positioning of the mount also helps improve posture as with it you would not require looking downwards at your monitor causing muscle ache and cramps but rather will look straight, directly at your monitor screen, offering a comfortable and profitable work experience with no hindrances at all. The four display mount of the Quad Monitor Articulating Desk Mount is perfect for offices with a large number of employees as each mount can fulfill the display needs of one worker per display mount arm, making it economical and balancing the ergonomic standards for a healthier body.

The mount can be spun 360 degrees which allows you to switch from landscape to portrait viewing in a jiffy and can also be pushed upward or downward to create the inversion and viewing direction required for conferences too. It has a rapid release lever behind the mount that allows raising and lowering of the device without the need for extra tools.

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