All You Need To Know About SuiteCRM Plugins and Its Benefits

SuiteCRM Plugins empowers users to consistently print and mail documents, photos, and more via an API (which are Integrated within SuiteCRM application). This connector allows sending letters/emails to the clients in just a few clicks.

SuiteCRM and Latest Version

SuiteCRM was released on Oct 21, 2013, as version 7.0, providing latest paths to the existing SugarCRM users. It is well-known software for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, SugarCRM. It started being used widely after SugarCRM stopped developing its open source version.

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3 Important Benefits of SuiteCRM

  • Low-cost or free: Most of the application sources are available free to the users. Though some developers charge a fee to the clients who want higher levels of support (still giving away the basic code for free). Customers can save a lot on authorizing fees in the event that they can change the open source code to their advantage.
  • Customizable: On the off chance that clients have a definite thought of what is required and don’t need any additional parts, then CRM open source is of awesome help. A ton of openly available code can make it easier to create complex applications.
  • No commitment: The real Benefits of SuiteCRM Asterisk Integration includes is ‘No licensing commitment’ for few months, (it is generally quoted by commercial CRM vendors), which implies users may sometimes end up paying for a system that they might not use. Though there is no time commitment required by open source CRM. So users can use it for however long as they need and stop utilizing it without paying any penalty.


Other Benefits

  • It provides different versions and more options for the same cost
  • Provides focused marketing and sales automation
  • Provides workflow monitoring
  • Provides high-level security
  • Offers mobile access
  • Its integration with different add-ons enhances functionality
  • Provides easy migration from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM

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