All You Need To Know About Filter Belt and Its Benefits

Filter Belt: Definition & Usage

The filter belts also known as belt filter press or a belt press filter is an industrial machine, used for solid and liquid separation processes, particularly for the dewatering of sludge in the mining and chemical industry, and water treatment. There are many suppliers of this machinery, like CzechIndustrialFabrics which is a pioneer in the business for more than 25 years. The other usage of belt filters includes,

filter belts 1

1) Dewatering of paper sludge and pulp in paper mills and pulp mills

2) Dewatering of municipal and industrial sludge

3) Thickening of sludge in gravity thickeners

4) Dewatering of sludge in mining industry (coal, sand, kaolin, etc.)

5) Dewatering of fine particle suspensions in vacuum belt filters (FGD, coal, fine minerals, etc.)

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Benefits of Using Filter Belts

  • Versatility: Filter belts can be used in more than one industry with a wide range of areas. For example, you can use them in slurries, sludge, and even in fruit processing industries. This simply means that if you have more than one area to use the machines you don’t need to buy many of them, buy just one and it does all the work.
  • Low Maintenance: Since filter belts are made from high-quality PET, the machines are generally very strong thus don’t get damaged very often. This means that you don’t need to change the belts every now and then. The only time that you need to replace the belts is when there are large cracks.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Research suggests that using the machines is much cheaper compared to other methods. For example, using the machines in water treatment is much cheaper than buying clean water. It’s also much cheaper to use the machines than paying for the transport of waste water to the dump site.

For the filter belt machines to work properly and effectively one should take good care of them.

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