All You Need To Know About Electronic Defibrillator

If you are thinking about installing an electronic defibrillator in your own home and also wondering how an automatic defibrillator gadget works then keep reading this page and you will come to know how a layman can use it effectively to revive a men/women facing a heart failure, and by doing so increase the chance of victim’s survival.

What Is A Defibrillator, Or An AED (Automated External Defibrillator)?

A defibrillator is an electronic or computerized device that 1) measure, and records the heartbeat count as the electrodes are squeezed on the person chest, 2) spot the heartbeat characteristics very quickly and 3) operates a proper electric shock to the victim’s heart if the diagnosis demands it.

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How to Successfully Use the Electronic Defibrillators?

To use an electronic cardiac defibrillator successfully, it is necessary to follow a survival chain. Here are four important steps.

  • Confirm cardiac arrest and immediately call 911 and make sure that EMS (emergency medical service), will be able to find you.
  • Start giving CPR on the person, by pressing on the center of the chest and depressing by about 2 inches. If a defibrillator device is not available, perform it until the EMS arrives.
  • When a defibrillator is available, switch it on and follow the given directions. For most AEDs, it hardly takes about a minute or so to spot the situation and perform an electric shock to the heart if appropriate. You can carry on with the CPR after AED.
  • Offer latest life support system to the victim and if you can do nothing wait till the EMS arrives.

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With so many defibrillators available on the market today, you will always find defibrillator for sale but how are you come to know which is the best. Generally, factors such as price and how easy to use are taken into consideration while buying it.

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