All You Need To Know About a Linkstation

With the continuous innovation in technology and the launch of new storage devices for backup, massive data storage and access is gaining popularity in the marketplace to check and supplant the old version. On the off chance that you are genuinely looking for a new backup storage device for your PC or latest mobile phones then now you have LinkStation as a single drive network storage device that provides fast shared storage with backup on your home network. Check the Buffalo LinkStation 210 review here

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What Is a LinkStation?

LinkStation is Buffalo’s elite performance compact device outfitted with NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive which makes it a perfect thing for anyone to share photographs, videos, music and so on. The device is able to streamline media to the DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) media players such as Playstation, Xbox 360, Ninetendo Wii, etc.


The LinkStation is now available in 3 variations such as 1.0TB, 2.0TB, and 3.0TB with the built-in hard drive of 3.5 featured with 1.6 GHz processor that proffers you a mind-boggling 768 Mb/s speed.

The device is user-friendly hence compatible with Windows and MAC OS where you just have to plug into the router or wireless user or a router that gives you a direct access in your own home. Equipped with the UPnP AV and DLNA compatibility the LinkStation is capable of working on any provided network device.

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Benefits of Buying a LinkStation

  • LinkStation provides convenient media file sharing amidst the multiple platforms that give seamless backup and storage.
  • It gives multiple levels of security that provides a safety to your data.
  • LinkStation Network Attached Storage provides technologies and tools that help you to control the data storage as per your requirements.
  • It provides immediate plug and plays USB accessory port, the device is the one of a kind of redundancy and capacity.
  • This device also helps you in creating a secure personal cloud environment for your data.

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