A Guide to 3D Pancake Printer

Pancakes are very delicious and everyone just can’t stop himself from eating pancakes. Traditional pancakes are circular in size, but it takes a lot of efforts to design a heart shaped pan cakes for your wife or for your girlfriend.  If you are thinking of taking the pancakes to the next level in order to impress your children or wives, you can try some of the attractive designs for your pancakes. But designing the pancakes in many different shape and sizes can be a real difficult deal for anyone.

Even the professional pancake bakers find it difficult to design pancakes filled with cream or chocolates. A 3D PancakeBot can help you in designing the pancake in any shape and size. There are many pancake printers available in the market that you can choose from. A pancake bot allows you to print the pancake in your desired art form. You can create pancakes using bots in any shape and size. You can make Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes to impress your children and a heart shaped pancake for your wife or girlfriend.


How it works?

These 3D pancake bots are printers that take instruction from a computer. Each Pancake bot comes with its own software which needs to be installed in a PC or Laptop. The user can use any image of anything that is to be printed on your pancakes. The software traces the image and prints the traced image in form of pancake.

The software creates the image file and the printer prints it on the pancake. You can also control the trace lines which need to be drawn on the pancake. You can also determine the shading of the image on your pancake. Once the tracing of the image is done, the printer starts it work automatically. You can also save the design on your computer or on your mobile or SD card. Printing of image takes few minutes to completely print the image on your pancake so have patience while printing your pancake. You can use the favourite cartoon character of your children to astonish then on their birthdays.

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