A Customized Cover Can Make Your Mobile Phone Stand Out

Phones are a very important part of everyone’s lives now, the phone you own tells a lot about the kind of person you are. Considering that you can have only one phone, it makes sense that you should choose a brand of phone that is close to your heart. So why not make your phone different from everyone else’s. This way it will stand out in a crowd of similar phones and you can also put your favorite picture on the cover, how cool is that.

How to design it

You can easily Design your own iPhone case or a case for an iPad or similar branded phones. You just have to follow a link and go to the design page. Then you need to upload the picture that you want on the cover. There is a specific format in which you have to upload the picture. JPG/JPG, PNG/Transparent PNG of GIF are the formats allowed. You can take the photo with your iPhone or upload one from your computer. The size needs to be of a minimum width of 353 pixels and a height of 738 pixels. It can be bigger, just make sure it fits the phone perfectly. The picture will be printed on the cover with a dpi of 1440×720.


Pictures that you can use

The photos you use can be anything from a picture of your family or your company’s logo, just make sure the picture is not copyrighted by anyone. If you use copyrighted content, you might be sued by the owners of the said copyright. Once you have completed the design, you will have to confirm that you are not committing any breach of copyright by using the image as your cover. Design your own iPad case with beautiful pictures that have special meaning in your life.

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