4K Videos – Technology to Obtain More Image Clarity in Videos

4K refers to a digital display device with a resolution of 4000 pixels. It’s mainly a video design, which includes the width of about 4000 pixels of any image or video footage. This technology is considered to be the most detailed version of image definition that has been created till now. It’s a lot more comprehensive as compared to SDTV, HDTV, and full HDTV. It’s highly suitable for large TVs and has a meticulous and smooth appearance.

4K is also popular worldly as UHD. It has already created a new level in the field of video watching and recording, because of its convenient benefits and wonderful features.

Use Of 4K in Video Shooting

An exceptionally sharp footage is acquired with 4K, whenever it’s used for video shooting.  This makes it a very suitable choice for shooting footages. It doesn’t give that low-resolution and crunchy content, which is obtained in lower image definition technologies. Instead, it increases the quality of content and makes its much better. The resolution of 4K is 4 times more than that of HD and this gives better color data, reduced video artifacts, and sharper images.

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There are lots of possible editing techniques, which can be used in 4K for editing. It also stabilizes your video footage and you don’t have to worry about its resolution, unlike other image definition technologies. You can also easily use any kind of green screen to blend any foreground subject together with a completely different background. Hence, Chroma keying becomes simpler with 4K.

4K in Photography

The shooting speed of 4K makes it easier for people to take photographs in an instant. There are more orthodox aspect ratios in this technology and this allows a photographer to take pictures with more diversity. There are features like pre-recording modes, which make taking pictures more interesting and fun. There are various time techniques and settings included in 4K and this leads to better photography experience. There are about 30 photos obtained in 4K per second and through this, you can acquire a properly framed picture of fast moving objects.

Methods for 4K Preparation

If you have to add or download 4K video on your device, make sure that you are prepared for it. There are some effective methods through which you can make 4K preparations quite efficiently. They are as follows:

  • Store all of your 4K footage files in swift memory cards, which have a write speed of minimum 30 MB. This way, you can record your videos at a speed of about 200 mbps. Make sure that you have enough budgets to purchase these cards.


  • Ensure that you have a hard disk of quick and high capacity. The speed of this hard drive must be around 7200 rpm, which can run on USB 3.0 quite efficiently. In such cases, SSDs are an optimum choice.
  • If you choose a computer for storage of these files, make sure that its processor speed, RAM quantity, hard disk capacity, and graphics card are suitable for the whole storage process.

Lastly, make sure that your device meets the display requirements of 4K and has superior IPS panels for more color accuracy, no matter whatever the viewing angle is. For example, if you wish to use a screensaver called 4k shark tank for your TV, see that all the requirements to ensure its proper functioning are met by the television unit. Also, get specialized software for video editing to create amazing pictures.

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Robert Wolf usually writes articles related to new technologies. If you are looking to download 4K video screensavers like the 4k shark tank for your TV, please feel free to visit their website to download them.

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