4 Simple Steps to Create a Website on Your Own

For many businesses who want to go online, building website is must which continues to draw on your resources on a continuous basis. Now you can create and manage the website on your own. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you in creating a website.

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  • Domain Name – Once you know the business niche you wish to pursue, the first thing you will need to do is to think about the name of your website – which is called the Domain Name. This is the name you would type into a web browser to bring you and others to your website. There are large numbers of services available today on the Internet that you can use to find domain names and purchase them.
  • Web Hosting – At the time when you are searching your domain name, also research who you want to use to host your website. You will generally find that your web hosting partner will offer you a hosting deal that will include the registration of your domain name as part of the package.

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  • Website Building Platform – For whatever reasons, search engines love the WordPress platform. Time and time again they tend to outperform any other CMS or static HTML websites in the search engines. With WordPress it is possible to easily include advanced SEO for every single page and post within the site without having to know any HTML.
  • Customize Your Website – There are countless ways you can customize your website to make it your own. For starters, it is recommended focusing on the two of the most common methods for customizing WordPress websites which are through the use of plugins and widgets.

This website guide is an overview on how to get started building and making findable on search engines your new website.

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