3 Simple Tips Improve Your Home’s Wi-Fi Signal in A Few Minutes

Wi-Fi is nothing but radio waves, and there are many things can cause obstruction. But in any case, a solid Wi-Fi signal can give you better coverage distance and faster performance, so it’s very important to accurately position and form your router for best signal strength. Here are three simple tips to improve home Wi-Fi signal thoroughly.

Point the Antenna Up: Routers mostly have physical antennas and that are adjustable. The antenna very often comes guided horizontally to fit the router inside its box. For extreme signal strength, you need to position your router’s antenna wire vertically, guiding straight up. In the event that you have two antennas, you generally won’t get better performance by simply pointing them in various directions.

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Position Your Router Properly: Think where you want to put your router. On the off chance that you have a large office or home, for example, put the router close to the middle to maximize coverage. If you position the router at one end of the building, you may have poor or generally no signal at the other end. However, remember that if you already have your router positioned at one end of your office or home and the signal strength is just fine on the other side; you don’t need to move it.

Choose the Best Wi-Fi Channel: If you’re in an area which has many Wi-Fi networks, your neighbors’ Wi-Fi networks are probably interfering with yours.

To overcome this, switch your router further away from the other Wi-Fi access points if you can. For instance, if you’re in an apartment and have a router in the middle of your room, your neighbor’s router might possibly be right on the other side of the wall. But the best thing is that you can switch to a different Wi-Fi channel.

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