3 Effective Tips Which Would Be Effective For You to Boost SEO in China

If you are all set to start your e-business in China, or already have your online business there, you need to take care of certain SEO tricks. You need to understand the fact that Chinese are hyper-connected and they do use the Internet a lot! For every minute or big detail, they take the support of the Internet. The search engine is everything for them when it comes to looking out for something or hunting for any detail or information.

This takes us to the second important point and that is SEO in China is so different. Baidu is definitely the leader in China and you better understand this that no one uses Google in China. Yes, you got that right!


Hence follow the below-mentioned tips minutely, if you want to rank well on Baidu as we have mentioned already, that Baidu is the leader in China.

  1. Local Language: Content On The Website 

If you are targeting China for your e-business, then make sure that you use local Chinese language, when it comes to the sites content. Mandarin is much preferred. The webmasters of Baidu believe that this is one of the best and most vital SEO tips one has to imbibe if they wish to rank higher in the search engine results.

  1. Stay Away From Anything That’s Censored 

Baidu is highly intolerant when it comes to content and stiff that are censored. This is why to stay away from content that are explicit which may end up affecting the Chinese government. This means you should also keep away from linking your website to other sites which have explicit content present. If you even try doing it, you may get penalized by Baidu as a spam site.


  1. Ensure Good Quality Inbound Links 

When it comes to the most basic practices of Baidu, you need to ensure that you get good quality backlinks to your website. Baidu gives a lot of importance to quality, and you should definitely focus in this area. This way you would most likely get more quality traffic which has a higher tendency to get converted to sustainable leads. Hence you end up fetching a good rank in Baidu.

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