15 Tutorials for Developing HTML5 Web Browser Games

HTML5-based web browser games are popular among nearly all demographics on the web. They can draw traffic to your site, and when combined allow you to create an entire online arcade of your own. While it doesn’t require advanced knowledge of coding to create an HTML5 web browser game, it can help to go through a tutorial on your first few gaming projects. These 15 tutorials will enable you to create engaging games for your website or mobile application using little more than a few lines and pre-existing blocks of HTML.

1. Roll and Jump, for Beginners

This is a great project for anyone attempting their first HTML5 game. This tutorial will walk you through creating a game where a rolling ball is able to jump from platform to platform while a clock counts down. This game falls into the popular Physics category of online games and loads incredibly fast in any web browser.

2. Pong in HTML5

This version of pong is created with HTML5 and CreateJS Suite. The tutorial here provides you with a step-by-step method for creating an animated, modern looking pong complete with sounds effects and a score-keeping system.

3. Doodle Jump

This game is of the popular vertical-platform jumping games, allows you to create or import a character to jump through increasingly difficult situations. It uses looping backgrounds and variables for a technically infinite gameplay. The HTML and CSS in this game as relatively simple, and you could put the whole thing together in under a couple of hours with this guide.

4. Multiplayer HTML5 Game

This reliable tutorial is the product of Google’s official TechTalks Youtube Channel. After watching the hour-long tutorial you will be well versed in creating a multiplayer game in HTML5 to be played in any major browser. This tutorial creates a space shooter game which is fun and familiar to anyone with classic or retro gaming background.

5. Virtual Pet

Everyone remembers how fun and addictive the Tamagotchi and other virtual pets of the early 2000’s were. Bring virtual pets back into your and your user’s lives with this exciting HTML5 tutorial. This tutorial uses basic HTML and CSS to create a digital character you can name, feed, and grow.

6. Snake

This would make a great first-time game for any HTML5 creator. Snake is perhaps the most classic game for early electronics and gaming systems. It’s fun, simple and intuitive. This tutorial will walk you through creating a modern version of snake in just a couple of hours using HTML5 and CSS3.

7. Mobile HTML5 Game

This simple tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to create a stunning game for any mobile platform. It can be used to create games to publish on the app store as well as mobile browser-play games. Use this guide to make your own branded HTML5 game for your website or mobile app.

8. Sprite Animated HTML5 Game

Using this tutorial you will be able to create a Sprite animated HTML5 mobile game. You will draw your animations using HTML canvas and then use JavaScript to bring them to life. Incorporate this tutorial into any mobile game for enhanced animations and effects.

9. HTML5 Game Vibrations

Use this HTML5 browser game tutorial to add vibration to any mobile game you’re working on. This can be used in conjunction with any game on this list and lets you create a more professional game by utilizing any phone’s vibrations. Add this code to your existing game or start here with your next project to get a more comprehensive final product.

10. HTML5 and Impact Games

Since many HTML5 game tutorials call for the use of ImpactJS this is a great place to start when making your browser based game. This tutorial will teach you how to create amazing games for play in any web browser using HTML5 and basic JavaScript.

11. Mario Inspired Game

Use this tutorial to create game inspired by the most popular game in history, Mario. This HTML5 tutorial will help you create an instant classic platform-based game that will keep you visitors returning to your site daily. Customize your characters or use the Mario inspired jumping plumber and familiar bad-guys as the guide instructs.

12. Asset Manager for HTML5 Games

You will need to know how to use Asset Manager to create any number of HTML5 browser games. Learn everything you’ll need in this handy tutorial for using asset managers. This will let you track downloads and make better use of your game components.

13. HTML5 Farming Game

This tutorial is more geared for beginners than some of the others on this list. It will teach you how to create a fun, farming-based online game that can be loaded into any web browser’s cache in seconds. This can run on any mobile or desktop platform. The game you’ll create is somewhat reminiscent of the popular Facebook game Farmville. All you need to provide this game for your visitors is HTML5 compliant web hosting and an IDE editor for your coding.

14. Asteroids

Asteroids is one of the most addicting games on this list. The best part about this tutorial is that it creates an exciting, familiar game that will run on just about any web hosting server. It will display on iPhone or Android, as well as desktop systems, leaving no user behind. This tutorial uses the Impact HTML5 game engine, and offers a free version of completed source code for demonstration.

15. HTML RPG Game

If you’re looking for something with a more advanced storyline try this comprehensive tutorial for creating a RPG game with HTML5. This walk-through requires HTML and basic JavaScript knowledge, but is a great way to create a whole in-game story and universe. The final product will look much like other classic Role Playing Games such as the NES version of Zelda.

These 15 tutorials for creating HTML5 browser-based web games will add an entertaining feature to your website. After creating a game or two by walking through these tutorials try creating a new game using these techniques. You can also customize colors, icons, graphics and text to easily add your own branding or twist to these games.


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